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What Can I Do to Recover the Data if I Lose the Device or Device Data is Corrupted/Lost?


It is necessary to backup your data to a safe location. Samsung cloud, google account, or a computer can be considered as backups. So that you can safely keep your data and restore if you encounter any data loss in your device.

Let’s go through some of the backup solutions

how to use these methods are described further in below section. 

1.using Samsung cloud – Sign in to your Samsung account so that you could be eligible to use Samsung cloud. Then back up data to Samsung cloud and restore data when necessary 

2. using google or Samsung account – Can use this option to keep your personal information, app data, and settings safe in your devices .Sign up to your Google or Samsung account to back up or restore the sensitive information 

3. back up files and data by using various cloud applications – mostly used to back up data such as pictures and videos

4. back up data to computer – Transfer data from your devices to your personal computers.Download the smart switch PC version app from the following link https://www.samsung.com/hk_en/support/smart-switch/     Then back up data from your device to a PC.

How to Backup data using the above methods

Using Samsung cloud

This could be done according to your preference.You can manage the content that you need to save in Samsung cloud such as personal info, app data, and settings.It is a must to sign in to your Samsung account so that you can backup and restore your sensitive information.

Go to settings >> cloud & accounts >> Samsung clouds >>backup my data 

Then toggle the switches next to the categories that you want to backup and select back up now in order to backup data to Samsung cloud.If you prefer automatic backup data, toggle on the AUTO BACK UP switch to activate the feature.

Using Samsung or Google account

Backup your sensitive information such as personal information, app data, and settings using this option.Sign in to your Google or Samsung account in order to proceed.

Go to  Settings >> cloud & accounts >> backup and restore 

Then select Samsung account or Google account as per your preference.

Using various cloud applications

Google photos is one such application.Google Photos gives users free, unlimited storage for photos up to 16 megapixels and videos up to 1080p resolution.We advise you to backup and sync your photos and videos frequently via Google Photos.

You have to sign in Google Account to back up and sync using this app.Go to your apps screen, select Google Photos. >> Toggle on  Back up & sync option. Select upload size for photos and videos via settings. Select files that need to backed up to your cloud storage and select backup now

Also, there is an option to erase the same files saved on your device to save device storage through  Delete device copy option as pictures or videos backed up already to cloud storage will be safe even the files from the device are deleted.

Back up data to a computer

This is the option of transferring data between your device and a computer. 

You are able to Download the Smart Switch PC version app from www.samsung.com/smartswitch. >>On the computer, launch Smart Switch>>Connect your device to the relevant computer using the USB cable of the device. >> follow the on-screen instructions on the computer to back up data from the device. >>Finally safely disconnect your device from the computer.

It is important to note, if your device is not a Samsung device, backing up of the data to a computer has to be done using a program provided by the device’s manufacturer.



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